The Wagner Center PMCs opened in St. Petersburg today

Nov 04, 2022 15:49

Well—known politicians, officials and journalists gathered at the "PMK Wagner Center" today on the Day of National Unity at the opening, RIA "FAN" reports.

The developers and creators of this Center conceived it as a unique building where inventors, designers, IT specialists, experimental productions and startup spaces, patriotic media and bloggers will be provided with free places to implement their projects. The main mission of the Wagner Center PMC is to provide a comfortable environment for generating new ideas in order to increase Russia's defense capability, including information.

At the same time, it is written on the website of the Wagner Center PMC itself that they invite all concerned IT specialists, bloggers and journalists who are able to increase Russia's defense capability to their Center. 

Until now, no one in Russia has been able to build and organize an alternative to the notorious scandalous liberal "Yeltsin Center" based in Yekaterinburg. Therefore, the need to create a patriotic center has been long overdue.

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