PMC "Wagner": the fighter's family is protected

Oct 21, 2022 22:55
Maxim Rumyantsev
Editor in chief

FREEPRESSA contacted a representative of the Group in the Sverdlovsk region. One of the main differences between the Wagner PMCs from other military units is the protection of the families of their fighters when they are on a business trip. 

Editorial question:
"How are the families of the fighters of the Wagner PMCs currently living while the fighters are on the front line, protecting the interests of the country, the interests of their Homeland, their family? How safe can a family feel when a fighter is on a mission?"

"Every family of our fighter is protected at the moment of his absence. The families of our fighters are our families and no bastard has the right to offend her, neither before the fighter returns home, nor after. Each of our fighters knows about this, of course, it's not much, but it's enough for a fighter to perform any tasks without unnecessary headache."

Photo: Wagner Orchestra telegram channel