Orchestra "W" is waiting for you. An advertisement for the Wagner group appeared in Yekaterinburg

Jul 16, 2022 01:28

On a digital tabloid on a bypass road along the lane .For the first time in Yekaterinburg, there was such an advertisement of the famous Wagner group. "The orchestra "W" is waiting for you," the ad says, and also indicates the phone number by which you can contact for "recording in the orchestra": +7 901 432 85 71 . The video shows musicians with musical instruments: violin, accordion and guitar.

"Work for real men, stable earnings, reliable team," knowledgeable people write about the group in social networks. The group also has its own accounts in the VK, which sets out the requirements for joining the ranks of the legendary group or, more correctly, the "orchestra". The music of this "orchestra" is booming all over the world, and Russia's enemies are very afraid of it. It is fatal for them.

Recall that quite recently in Yekaterinburg, the same advertisement of the Wagner group appeared on a regular billboard in MKR.Pioneer city of Yekaterinburg.

Main photo: .vaqner