Donetsk is covered every day! Military correspondent Dmitry Astrakhan commented on the reasons for the shelling of the DPR

Mar 10, 2022 17:02

Military correspondent Dmitry Astrakhan DPR

Military correspondent Dmitry Astrakhan specifically for Freepressa explained the reasons for the increased shelling of residential areas of the LDPR: "An active breakthrough is underway in the south - to encircle Mariupol, and from Donetsk to Horlivka the front is standing where it stood. They understand that if Luhansk residents in the north of the LPR and ours in the south of the DPR break through the positional front from the sea to the border, then they need to retreat, they do not know what to do - they have no orders.

The throat is covered every day! Moreover, they cover chaotically - in everything that you can reach.

Donetsk is covered every day! Today they shot at the center. My family was 400m away from the first breakup, my wife and child were in the clinic. It's good that there's a deep concrete basement.

Until the front collapses and collapses, this will continue. And here now the front is not mobile in Donetsk, all breakthroughs are in the south. Those who are sitting near Donetsk [AFU units] were previously afraid of the OSCE, fired mortars at night, are now freaking out, nervous, can't do anything, don't have reasonable orders, and just beat [guns] into the white light from everything they have. Because they do not understand what will happen tomorrow, because tomorrow they may find themselves in a big cauldron or retreat to Kiev. They don't care. They said it themselves: "Hit in all directions, we have no relatives here!"

Recall that there is a special operation initiated by Russian President Vladimir Putin to protect the civilian population of the LDPR and demilitarization with denazification of Ukraine.