Questions to Vladimir Putin From Our Editorial Board

At the end of the big press conference, I gave the list of questions to the President. List.

Feb 26, 2020 11:36
Maxim Rumyantsev
Editor in chief

During this year, we have worked on various social issues that are not resolved at the regional level. Therefore, we prepared this list on an official letterhead and I gave it to Vladimir Putin. We will wait for their decision at the Federal level.

  1. Presented the shortage of social institutions in the construction of new housing complexes. The high-rise buildings' development is ahead of the infrastructure development.
  2. Lack of responsibility for the failure to implement the President's instructions, in particular on the transfer of schools to single-shift.  
  3. The domestic violence bill, initiated by United Russia deputies, contradicts the Party's rhetoric on the development of motherhood and childhood, as well as the national strategy on demography.
  4. Lack of qualified personnel in the public sector: teachers, doctors, police officers, mainly because of their overload.
  5. Terrible technical condition of the Yekaterinburg police departments.
  6. Trash reform and double collection for recycling. People are required to pay for the recycling of solid municipal waste (TKO) from all their properties - they pay twice for the same service. It is not possible to be at once and generate garbage simultaneously on two real estate objects.
  7. We proposed to introduce tax breaks for large families in order to improve the demographic situation in the country. As a financial incentive for young families, so that they want to become large and it would be profitable from a tax point of view.
  8. Issue of the General plan of Yekaterinburg: for the construction of high-rise buildings, it is planned to demolish the private sector. Because of this, the megapolis will get even tighter. Obviously we don't have enough space in the world's largest country.
  9. Sverdlovsk Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev does not fulfill his public election promises: the house for the doctor in Serebryanka has not yet been built.
  10. The second metro line in Yekaterinburg. Russia's budget is in surplus. We need Federal funds and the President's help to build the metro.
  11. We need a single tariff grid for fare collection of pupils and students in urban transport. For example, in Yekaterinburg, a schoolboy's travel card costs 840 rubles, and in Moscow is 250 rubles. At the same time, a one-time trip in land transport for them in Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, Perm: 11-14 rubles., and in Yekaterinburg-28 rubles (2 times higher).