The Infection Comes from Ukraine. New Cases of Measles Have Been Recorded in the Urals

Feb 26, 2020 11:07

New cases of measles have been recorded in the Tyumen region. This diagnosis was confirmed for 21 residents of the region. Doctors also report about so-called family centers, where both children and parents are ill. Some had to be urgently vaccinated against this infectious viral disease. But not everyone agreed to be vaccinated. After the spread of the disease, the number of calls to doctors has increased significantly, so hospitals are now expected to rush.

Note that a dangerous disease has also been recorded in Yakutia and Orenburg. According to experts, this year there have been twice as many cases as in the past. In just ten months of 2019, 4,126 cases of the disease were recorded in Russia – almost twice as many as in 2018. In Moscow, 74 cases of measles were registered, in the Moscow region – 25, in St. Petersburg – 15, in the Crimea – 9. In interview to the newspaper "Izvestia" immunologist Zoya Skobeleva said that the infection comes from the Ukraine.

"Initially, they brought measles from Ukraine – at one time there was a fairly low level of vaccination. And measles was brought to Ukraine from abroad...In the Crimea, even when Crimea was Ukrainian, and from Crimea to us," said Skobeleva.