The Former Deputy Governor of the Kurgan Region Was Raided

Feb 26, 2020 11:18

Security forces came to the apartment of the former Deputy Governor of the Kurgan region Sergey Pugin. The searches are related to the case of Alexander Noskov the former head of the Ketovsky district. It should be reminded that Noskov is a defendant in the case of an unfinished water supply in the village. The investigation claims that Noskov paid for Its construction to the contractor- Multiplast company from Shadrinsk city. It is known that the water supply system was built under the program "Sustainable development of rural areas", which was supervised by the former first Deputy Governor, Director of the Department of agriculture Sergey Pugin.

At the moment, Noskov is detained, he is in jail as suspected in the abuse of power with serious consequences.  Most likely, he began to testify against the former Deputy Governor of the Kurgan region. The fact that Sergei Pugin is being searched was also confirmed by the press service of the Investigative Committee for the region.