Kremlin’s response

Sep 25, 2019 16:22

The Kremlin spokesman has commented on the problem of lack of schools in Ekaterinburg.  Answering the question of the Freepress journalist, Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said the government was aware of the problem. According to him, measures are being worked out for a systematic solution of the problem throughout the country.

Ekaterina Skorobogatova, mother of a first grader school №181: "On the first of September, our school #181, which designed to serve 800 students and which is the only school in Krasnolesye District, will meet 2,000 children. There will be 10 first classes with 40 pupils in each".

It is worth mentioning, that Vladimir Putin spoke about this problem in 2014, but it has not been solved until now. It is necessary to note that at present Ekaterinburg needs about 8,000 additional spots at schools. According to the city administration, by 2025 the situation will become even worse, the deficit will amount to 49 thousand spots. Ekaterinburg children will not be able to study in one shift. Thus, the city will not fulfill the instructions of the president and will fail to implement the federal program.