Sep 23, 2019 09:23

In Ekaterinburg, the head of a kindergarten Tatyana Likhachyova imposed a reprimand on a pregnant employee Alyona Pestereva for a visit to a gynecologist to register pregnancy for prenatal care. She was absent from the workplace for a good reason. But the manager still punished the pregnant woman.

The humiliated Alyona Pestereva appealed to the prosecutor's office and the Russian Labor Inspectorate, but they regarded this reprimand as legitimate and reasonable. This is, of course, a shocking and cynical attitude towards a pregnant woman on part of the local authorities.

Note that her boss, Tatyana Likhachyova, became notorious for asking for kickbacks from actors who perform in her kindergarten. Those were: Santa Claus, Kolobok, forest animals characters. Likhachyova herself lives a comfortable life. She and her husband possess 3 expensive Volvo cars, a cottage and a land plot. Likhachyova made all this money while working in a kindergarten.

Also, the court recognized that the reprimand imposed on the pregnant Alyona Pestereva was legal.