Police lawlessness: a crew of three police officers raped a young foreigner in their patrol car.

Sep 20, 2019 11:49

Lawlessness of Ekaterinburg police is evidenced by their actions, which speak louder than words. For example, recently a crew of three police officers raped a young foreigner in their patrol car while they were on duty. It happened when the Ural capital was celebrating the City Day. According to some reports, three law enforcement officers detained a girl in the city center and physically forced to have sexual intercourse. During interrogation, one of the suspects pleaded guilty. All three police officers and their immediate superiors were dismissed from their posts.

Alexander Shulga, Official Representative of  the Investigative Committee's branch in Sverdlovsk Region: "According to the investigators, on the night of August 18, 2019, near a house on Tchaikovsky Street, three police officers, acting as a group of individuals, upon a preliminary collusion, under the threat of violence and confinement, raped a woman born in 1997 and committed other acts of a sexual nature against her in the patrol car of Ekaterinburg Traffic Police Regiment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation".

Another striking example of the illegality and absurdity of Ekaterinburg police actions is the arrest of Oksana Ivanova, an Orthodox activist. Six police officers detained her at the workplace for conducting a “Happening” (an art-related event). We would like to remind that she was trying to oppose the work of the artist Pokras Lampas. An administrative protocol was drawn up against her. But no measures were taken against the man who publicly threatened the organizers of the Wall Graffiti Festival with physical harm during the same “happening”. The police did not even detain him.

Oksana Ivanova, Orthodox activist: "I don’t know them. I saw them for the first time. We do not support aggression in any form, no matter where it comes from".

In a similar way, the law enforcement officers behaved illegally during a spontaneous and unsanctioned rally in the park near the Drama Theater against the construction of St. Catherine’s Cathedral. The police did not punish any of the organizers of the unsanctioned protest. Moreover, one of the senior officers holding the rank of Lieutenant Colonel escaped from the park and evaded the performance of his professional duties.