Privacy policy

Description of website usage rules: any user can read any news posted on our website if, in our articles there are links to other resources (link to some source information on another news resource, the personal page of an individual, the resources of bodies of state power, to someone's blog or social network, etc.), we are not responsible for the content of these third party resources and if the user enters them, they do it independently and voluntarily and are responsible for the consequences of accessing these links since these external resources are not subject to our privacy policy. 

Cookies are a piece of data that is automatically stored on your computer's hard drive each time you visit a website. Thus, cookies are a unique browser identifier for a website. Cookies allow to analyze the website and evaluate the results. Most web browsers allow the use of cookies, but you can change the settings for not using cookies or tracking the way they are sent. However, some resources may not work correctly if cookies are not allowed in your browser. Our website uses Cookies, but the user can disable them or leave the website: "We use cookies to get statistics that help us make our website as convenient as possible for you. By using this website, you consent to our use of cookies. You can disable cookies in your browser settings or, if you do not agree to the use of cookies, leave the website." 

We have "counters" set up: "In order to make the website more interesting and convenient for our visitors, we also use web Analytics tools (such as Yandex.Metric or Liveinternet), which in the form of aggregated, anonymized statistics, allow us to track the use of the website, for example, which website materials are most popular, how many visitors come to the website every day, how much time users spend on the website, and similar information."