They settle scores with a Russian independent journalist through children, like terrorists

The investigator of the Sverdlovsk Investigative Committee refused to register the application

May 30, 2022 12:20

Colonel of Justice Mikhail Minin (second from left in a jacket)

Maxim Rumyantsev, the editor-in-chief of Freepressa, was given a deliberately false anonymous denunciation from a non-existent address, allegedly beating his children and not working anywhere. The Sverdlovsk police and the social guardianship service rushed to find out the circumstances of a deliberately false denunciation.

Major of the Sverdlovsk police Irina Bulanova from the juvenile affairs inspectorate first tried to illegally get into the house of a journalist to inspect a private home and children, and then began to collect information about his children in places of study. Although there are no criminal or administrative cases initiated against journalist Maxim Rumyantsev. 

The editor-in-chief of our publication decided to submit an application for criminal prosecution of a police officer for abuse of official authority to the Investigative Committee, but the head of the investigative department in the city of Sysert, Sverdlovsk region, Mikhail Minin refused. At the same time, he asked the journalist about the facts of his private personal life: working conditions, accommodation, car brand, family meals, up to clothes. The conversation lasted several hours, but the investigator refused to register a statement about the crime. Although it is known that Maxim Rumyantsev has been heading our publication for several years, regularly attends press conferences of Russian President Vladimir Putin and leads a decent lifestyle - he has 6 children, and creatively conducts anti–corruption investigations and exposes the influence of foreign agents on domestic politics in Russia. Has an oral gratitude from Vladimir Putin. 

Maxim Rumyantsev himself connects this pressure on him through children with his professional activity. Rumyantsev filed a corresponding application addressed to the Chairman of the TFR of Russia Alexander Bastrykin for the actions of Colonel of Justice Mikhail Minin. 

Freepressa will follow the development of events.

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